ZenithOptimedia's Take On Advertising Trends

By Julia Tyler

ZenithOptimedia is a relatively new media services group that has recently discovered through extensive research that online advertising is expected to grow by at least 9.5% in the year 2010 due to the advertising markets recovery from the recent recession. The fact that television advertising is suffering greatly in Europe, as well as many other places throughout the world, are proof that this prediction will probably be proved correct.

By years end, internet advertising was the only sector of the market in advertising that saw any substantial growth in the past year, as many companies began to hastily shift a large portion of their budgets away from the current and expensive television marketing campaigns and print advertising to the dependable return on investment that is promised by online advertising.

After observing reports from the previous two recessions, ZenithOptimedia has found that, on average, the global advertising market took a full three years to recover. 2010 marks the first year of a new recession recovery for the global advertising market, as it begins to reform itself from the past recession. It is expected to be back to its full potential by the year 2012, with some changes taking place along the way. One of these changes is the expansion of internet advertising. By 2012, ZenithOptimedia expects the internet to be fully responsible for over 16% of all advertising money spent worldwide. This will finally close the gap between online advertising and print advertising.

The projected growth of online advertising will more than likely come at the expense of television advertising, especially as many agencies are changing the advertising regulations that effect television advertising. Regulations are being put into place that restricts a number of things in a number of different countries.

The Chinese government is beginning to impose restrictions on the number and length of advertisements that are allowed to be broadcast on public television channels. France is also making lots of changes on its public airwaves; they have begun phasing out advertising completely this year, and plan to be ad-free within the next two years. Spain is also revamping television advertising by trying to make public channels ad-free in the year 2010.

Because of the changes and restrictions being implemented in the advertising market, there are fewer options to advertise on television, forcing many companies to pour their money into online advertising instead. As a result of this, display advertising is expected to rise to $19 billion in 2010 with classified ads increasing to somewhere at or over $10 billion and paid search reaching at least $31 billion.

To give advertising marketers and advertising strategists an idea of what can be expected in the online advertising market, a report compiled by ZenithOptimedia found that "Paid search is the engine of internet growth: we expect it to grow 15% globally this year, and forecast consistent 14-15% annual growth over our forecast period. - 30831

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Plus Size Designer Clothes- How To Look Good Wearing Them

By Sheila Rankins

Women love purchasing and because of this statement, they are the beleaguered market of many clothing companies. The dilemma is media emphasizes just one thing - anorexic bodies dressed in designer clothes and accessories. From billboard ads to magazine centerfolds, we see them. The terms bony and slender are pointed out too much that for those who are unfortunately in a constant battle with mega pounds, shopping is a bitch. Sounds common? Welcome to the club of large and lovely women. So we're chubby - big deal. We can still look superior in plus size designer clothes. All we have to accomplish is discover the fitting colors and the suitable style and that's not exceedingly intense if we chart the right guidelines.

Primarily, if you're plumper, do not dress in moo-moos. You might think that sporting large size clothes is the way to go so that you can hide ugly body parts. But you'll finish up looking larger than you truly are if you do so. There are several brand-name shops that offer plus size designer clothes that would highlight your gratifying corners. For instance, flaunting your ample chest won't harm. In place of wearing turtle necks, dress in something with a low neckline. It's nice and it attracts thought in the right place.

Second, along with saggy clothes, anything that looks like a tent should go to your waste container or if you are feeling a little more helpful, you can always provide it to a frugality store.

Third, don't wear womens plus size dresses with diamond patterns because they have a tendency to look as if they are expanded once you put them on. Unless you want to come out as if you are a walking truck tire, you don't actually want to don on something that closely resembles it.

Fourth, to fashion an idea that your neck is long, you might want to choose plus size designer clothes that have V-necks. They're excellent for you since they make your neck look longer and you will look taller.

Fifth, don't avoid white so long as your white plus size designer clothes are pooled with the correct wide-legged trousers and a jacket that would offer you the hour-glass form that you may be craving for terribly.

Sixth, clothes that cling are okay so long as they cling on the fitting zones. Spandex won't come off because spandex clings on all the wrong places. Cotton canvas is better so you might want to appraise that.

Seventh, make a bee-line for A-line. Whopping women look good on A-line skirts since these skirts give them the shape of a figure 8.

Lastly, the most vital thing that you have to consider is, again, simply because you're fat, it doesn't insinuate you can't look fine in celebrated brands - there are the plus size designer clothes. There's a whole gang of them accessible in the market and if you are up to it, you'll find that purchasing for them is absolutely amusing. So, go shop!

- 30831

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Men's Dress Shirts: Timeless Fashion For The Modern Gentleman with Tailored Clothing

By Davida Monte

Collar, cuff, sleeves and cuff- this is what the men's dress shirt has always consisted of. Not a lot has changed to the piece of timeless clothing, other than becoming a more cut fit over time. In the UK it's called a shirt, and in the United States it's referred to as the Button-down or the dress shirt. Here we discuss all the details of the men's dress shirt, from top to bottom.

The inside of the collar is referred to as the Collar Band, and it forms the height of the collar. A different fabric may be used on the collar band to add a contrasting effect to the dress shirt. Top buttons of the placket are attached to the collar band. If the shirt is made without a collar band, and yes this can be done, it will create a long sprawling collar, not typically seen on today's men's dress shirts- think of those shirts that were popular in the disco era.

Probably the most defining characteristic of the dress shirt is the collar. Look for signs of bubbling on the collar to pick out inferior quality shirts- this is from the interfacing not properly being sealed. The interfacing is a piece of material added to the fabric to increase its rigidness. Also, the collar will be sewn in on from the brim to form it's structure. Again, the inferior shirts will be sewn right on the brim of the collar, while the better dress shirt's are sewn a centimeter in. Most common style is the Traditional point collar, which you will find in most business settings. Less common, but also very nice, are the curved point, buttondown, round point. Choose a collar that compliments your neck, you just need to try on a few different collars to see which one does.

The tip of the collar is referred to as the collar point. Often a tailor will refer to the collar point length to define the characteristic of it. On some collar points you will find collar stays on the reverse side, that maintain it's rigidness. With interfacing it is not necessarily required to have the stays, though different shirt makers prefer different ways.

A good tailor will put a lot of consideration into the space between the collar points, know as the collar spread. The reason so much consideration must be made for this is because a men's dress shirt should flatter your natural body shape- so a person with a stout neck should use a collar with a narrow spread, while a person with a skinny neck should use a collar with a larger spread. By doing so, the neck will visually be enhanced by the collar, thus bringing the best out of your body.

A men's dress shirt has a complete opening on the front, and this is called the front center placket. It can be made of a separate strip of fabric attached to the shirt, or it can be made by folding over. The buttons are attached to the front center placket, and the buttonholes on the bottom underlying part. The most common is the bluff front placket for a dress shirt. Becoming more popular is the fly front and twin stitching front, especially for casual evening wear. You will normally find 6 buttons on the placket, though a tailor may include up to 7 for a taller person.

A pocket on a dress shirt is self-explanatory- it's simply for holding items. Your decision to have a shirt with or without should be based on whether you liked to put items in it- pens or such. Some people find a pocket will increase the style of a shirt, especially if you find a plain shirt a little to boring. Only at the most formal settings should you consider a shirt that does not have a pocket.

Most dress shirts are long sleeve, though in tropical climates it is acceptable to wear a short sleeve dress shirt even at the office. In a casual setting you may even consider rolling up your sleeves if you find it is too warm, keeping in mind they will be wrinkled if you unroll them after. In a more formal even you should play it safe and wear a long sleeve shirt.

The sleeve placket extends from the break in the cuff approximately 1/4 up the sleeve length. It is also known as a "gauntlet." The main purpose of the sleeve placket is to allow the sleeves to be rolled up, and it also provides a better fit around the forearm for the dress shirt. Some men's dress shirts have a button on the sleeve placket, allowing the opening to be held closed.

The attachment between the main part of the shirt and the sleeve is referred to as the armscye. The armscye is basically the sleeve hole, and depending on the brand it can vary drastically in size, and because of this many people find generic, un-tailored shirts are very difficult to have the armscye fit properly.

The cuff forms the end of the sleeve, and usually has button, possible two on it. The mark of a men's dress shirt is a fairly well defined cuff. The cuff does serve the purpose of closing the sleeve, and making it fit properly, although it is also designed to be stylish.

French cuffs are perfect for formal settings, though lately they have been making a revival in the workplace, especially in Europe. In a very formal environment it's recommended to consider using french cuffs as they are a sign of prestige. Keep in mind you will need cuff links if you choose to use this type of cuff with your men's dress shirt, as they do not have buttons.

Convertible Cuffs can be worn as round cuffs or French cuffs on a dress shirt. They have buttons to secure the cuff as a button cuff would, though they also have an extra buttonhole sewn in, to allow the cuff to be folded over and used with cuff links. This makes for a versatile dress shirt.

The back of a dress shirt is make of two pieces, and bottom and the Yoke. The Yoke is the piece from the shoulder along the back to about the armpit height. It's made of one piece traditionally, though on some English shirts it can be two pieces. Whether it is one or two pieces will affect how the fabric lines up on the shoulders and back. The two piece makes a V shape on the back, while the one piece maintains the straight pattern on the back.

Apart from looking good a dress shirt needs to be comfortable, and this is where pleats come in. There are 3 main types- box pleats, knife pleats, and gatherings. Box pleats are two folds on the center back of the shirt, whereas knife pleats are individual folds on the right and left sides of the backs, near the armscye. Gatherings are when the fabric has many little folds, that are barely noticeable. The purpose of these features is the add extra fabric to the back of the shirts, so when the arms are lifted then the additional fabric allows for movement. Some people may choose to have a shirt lacking pleats, often when they have a very inwardly rounded lower back. This is because they want to reduce the amount of extra fabric on the shirt, even at the cost of flexibility.

Traditionally dress shirts are tucked in, though it's becoming a common trend to wear them untucked. The traditional men's dress shirts had a tail cut. This type of cut was very rounded, though there is a more modern version that is less rounded. Another modern adaption is the square cut- and this is popular for business wear, where the wearer is almost always using the shirt tucked it- so it's a mater of functionality.

A less common feature on dress shirts is darts. The purpose of darts is to remove excess fabric on the back of the shirt, thus making it follow the curvature of the back. This feature can compliment those with arched backs and slim figures. Some custom shirt makers do not use darts, though people that do wear darts appreciate the fit they provide. Most body shapes do not require darts on their dress shirt, but those that do will find it makes a huge difference to the style.

Usually offered from custom tailors is a monogram on your dress shirt. A monogram is a lettering on your shirt, usually the initials of your name. A monogram is a nice personal touch that will often emphasize that your shirt has been custom made for you- really a sign of quality and workmanship. If you decide to get a monogram on your shirt you may want to consider getting it somewhere discreet if it is for office wear.

The men's dress shirt has been around for a long time, and will continue to do so. It's doesn't blow around in the winds of trends, but has lasting power due to it's functionality and class. Now you should have a strong understanding of all the features of a dress shirt, and will be able to make a more educated choice in what shirt to where, when to where it, and what shirt fits your body the best. - 30831

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Fashion - Tips on the Use of Cowboy Boots with Your Favorite Outfit

By Craig Shinney

The one type of footwear design that never seems to go out of style are cowboy boots. They combine masculine style with a feminine touch of color and detail, which adds a splash to anyone's outfit. All can benefit from a stylish pair of boots, from the sweet and sexy girly girl, to the rough and tumble city slicker. Western boots are always in hot demand.

It doesn't matter if you're the girliest girly-girl or slightly more down-to-Earth and casual, western cowboy boots offer anyone with a sexy feminine style and a high fashion contrast. There are also many makes and models available, from pointy toes with high heels or a square-toed slouch boot, there are shapes, sizes, and colors to match any outfit.

Since western boots were originally designed for men, of course they'll blend in seamlessly for those who adore an androgynous or masculine inspired style. Chunkier designs go great with trousers or jeans, as do the more streamlined styles.

Not to mention that every country gal needs a well-stocked wardrobe filled with a large variety of her favorite cowboy boots. There are of course occasions that call for a more casual approach with some denim short shorts and tight white tee, or a little dressier with a leather dress and cowboy hat.

If you're not a country gal at all, but a slicker from the big city, you'll definitely still want in on the cowboy boot trend. For a minimalist, but high fashion look and ultra sexy streamlined approach, cowboy boots will add a hint of the wild west to your already overflowing wardrobe, whether traditional and neutral or bright and bold.

Cowboy boots are great for getting dressed up and out on the town, but are also perfect for casual occasions. Put on a pair of blue jeans and vest, or even a sexy tee and Daisy Duke shorts, and your style will have "chic" written all over it.

For dressing up, cowboy boots are often an excellent option as long as you are conscious to coordinate the rest of your outfit with other western accessories. So as not to clash with a more formal get-up, solid colors are the way to go, as more frilly boots could distract from the feel of your style.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you're inspired by when you get dressed in the morning- as long as you're in love with what you're wearing, you'll always look and feel fantastic. Cowboy boots will only enhance your look with their fun style and free-spirited vibe. - 30831

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Creators In The Manner Of Jeffrey Campbell Boots Step Up

By Henry Jeon

Jeffrey Campbell boots and other such designers have taken the need to improve foot fashion to a whole new level. Gone are the days when choices in footwear were limited to accessorizing an outfit with look-alike pumps. Instead the industry is utilizing this part of the wardrobe to make a fashion statement. The new highly stylized boots are growing again in popularity worldwide and are now designed to provide consumers with options never available before.

The design options in today's boot market is almost unlimited. The colors and materials now available help make a statement which ensuring comfort. For men's wear, although still predominately designed for outdoor use, designs are now expanding to include options for day as well as evening wear. It is in the women's line where the most change has occurred. No longer are choices limited to leather, but now include other materials that offer variety as well as class in their design.

When a new dress design is introduced, boots are often part of the display and have been found to give the needed accent for a successful presentation. Anyone attending a style show will see how there is a world of difference when comparing a model wearing regular shoes with one wearing other types of boots.

It is fortunate that, in the field of boots, expert designers are constantly coming up with new ideas. This puts a wide display in front of the purchaser and allows them to be in control of what will best fit with their wardrobe.

The height of the boot can vary widely. The latest trend is an over the knee boot which is built to allow ease when sitting. Also available are the ankle boot, the western boot, and many other styles. These boots are often decorated with studs, buckles, cut-outs, combined materials and other things to give them a distinctive flair that will complete a picture of being on top of the latest fashions.

The heel of the boot can vary from very low to stiletto. Many of the latter style boots are used by fashion models in their runway presentations. The good part about boots is that they can be adapted to fit any occasion. Colors are available in any shade or design desired and adds elegance to the wearer's outfit. The gold boot is especially popular for night time wear.

In choosing the appropriate boot for different occasions a review of current fashion magazines will reveal which boots are appropriate for various styles. When making a boots purchase, one should make sure that they fit correctly and are the proper height. A poorly fit boot can cause foot problems. Fortunately, sales persons selling them are experienced and can give proper guidance as to what will be appropriate for one's needs.

When interested in learning about the various styles of boots available, a search of the Internet will reveal various styles and descriptions of their construction. This is a good way to get a sense of what will fit with one's lifestyle before making a purchase. Several are available including Jeffrey Campbell boots. - 30831

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Are Traditional Brick and Mortar Stores Going to Be a Thing of the Past?

By Maxwell Durden

The current trend in today's society is that while the popularity of online shopping is doing nothing but growing, offline businesses are shutting down in record numbers due to increased pressure to their online competitors.

Many people are at odds with each other on whether or not these changes signal a positive thing.

One major benefit that the internet has bestowed to the world is its worldwide availability. Now people who would previously have to travel great distances to find certain products can buy things on a level playing field, which results in lower prices for everyone.

Still, if you live in a bustling city full of quirky retail shops, you can see the harmful effects that the evolving cyber world has had on the material world. Niche brick and mortar stores are shutting down in record numbers, and many neighborhoods are losing the charming stores they once had in favor of yet another wifi-enabled cafe.

The prominence of major online retailers such as Ebay and Amazon in popular culture have certainly done their part in advancing the growth of online retail. With their innovative use of affiliates and "anyone can be a merchant" policies, these companies have forever changed the way that consumers view merchandise on the internet.

Another major benefit that consumers have when choosing to shop online is transparency. Reviews and consumer feedback are readily available for all sorts of products. At the touch of your fingers, you can find out whether or not the product you are interested in has worked for others.

I do not want to make it seem as if I am negating the benefits of shopping at a traditional store, however. Especially in fun, eclectic culture metropolitan areas, shopping can be a fun experience all on its own, and that's something that online retail will never be able to fully capture.

For better or for worse, these are the signs of our times, and the internet has already proven that it is here to stay. You can try and bask in the glory of the "good old days", or you can choose to evolve right here right now; fortunately, for the time being, the choice is still up to you. - 30831

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Are Traditional Brick and Mortar Stores Going to Be a Thing of the Past?

By Perry Reid

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past ten years, it should come as no surprise to you that while online commerce seems to be growing day by day, brick and mortar stores seem to be going out of business all over the place.

Some people see the advantages in this trend, while others do not.

One major benefit that the internet has bestowed to the world is its worldwide availability. Now people who would previously have to travel great distances to find certain products can buy things on a level playing field, which results in lower prices for everyone.

However, as far as the local scene goes, the internet has been causing unrepairable damage to local businesses. This damage is not limited to small quirky stores, either; even major retailers are beginning to feel the effects of cheaper internet prices taking their shoppers away.

Online businesses aren't only small stores started by entrepreneurs, either. Businesses that dwarf even the largest brick and mortar chains have now stood the test of time by lasting for over a decade and overcoming all hurdles along the way. Due to the proven success of the internet for business, the world will never be the same again.

As if all of that weren't enough, there's more. Internet shoppers often cite a major reason for why they shop online as the ability to quickly reference reviews or supplemental information before making a purchase decision. This is something that just wasn't possible before the internet.

Despite all these benefits, most people can relate to the sentimental objections of old-timers who want things to remain the way they have always been. There is certainly a kind of soulless feel to shopping online, where customers no longer have to interact with others in the market place.

For better or for worse, these are the signs of our times, and the internet has already proven that it is here to stay. You can try and bask in the glory of the "good old days", or you can choose to evolve right here right now; fortunately, for the time being, the choice is still up to you. - 30831

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